Wood Specs

Custom Cabinet Doors Made In Eagle, WI

Select Grade

Uniform color guidelines are monitored very closely with our select grades. Each piece is hand-selected to ensure superior color and grain match for the front of the door. Very few of the natural characteristics of the chosen species will be allowed on the face of the door; they will be allowed on the backside of the door. The backside will not be selected for color nor grain match. Our select grade is highly recommended for a natural finish or when using a light stain color.

Natural Grade

Natural characteristics of the chosen species will be allowed in our natural grade throughout the door including color variations between heart and sap. Panel color and grain matching will be less consistent than our select grade and may vary from door to door. The stiles and rails may also vary in color on the same door. Natural characteristics common to the species chosen may also include the following: small pin knots, small mineral deposits, worm tracks, fleck, gum and pitch pockets. Our natural grade is recommended for medium to dark stain colors.

Rustic Grade

This unique grade will allow many extreme color variations throughout. Rustic characteristics of the chosen species in our standard rustic grade may include the following: mineral streaks, pin knots, open knots, large cracked knots, open cracks, burls, wormholes, worm tracks, large pitch pockets, and gum. All knots and cracks will be structurally sound and no visible light will show through. Depending on the species, for an additional 30%, you can specify either Moderately Rustic or Ultra Rustic.

Paint Grade

Our paint grade species will have extreme color and grain variations along with mineral streaking throughout. No knots will be allowed. We offer both Hard Brown Maple and Poplar for our paint grade selections. Because solid wood will expand and contract, we recommend using an MDF center panel for painted finishes versus solid wood.

Flat Veneer Panel Doors

Please Note:
Our 1/4″ veneer is on an MDF core and is either noted as RC (rotary cut) or PL (plain sliced). The 1/4″ veneer panels used in our flat panel doors will generally stain darker than the solid wood frame. If color matching is of concern, we recommend using the RP-40 solid wood “reverse panel” in place of the 1/4″ veneer panel for a more uniform stain match.

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