Cabinet Doors

Handmade in Eagle, WI


We price our doors and drawer fronts by the square foot, carry a 1 square foot minimum charge, and are assigned a price column number.

Additional temporary surcharges (economic/energy-related) passed on to us by our suppliers may be passed along to all customers. This publication supersedes all prior pricing, style designations, technical specifications, and policy.

Sample Doors

Because we like to encourage our customers to display our doors and drawer fronts to their customers and in their showroom, we provide a 40% discount on our sample doors and drawer fronts. Our typical sample door is 12″ W x 15″ H. Any size can be ordered to match your existing display along with a complete set of doors and drawer fronts for a new showroom display. Please call us for further information on sample doors.


Please feel free to have us quote your job before placing your order by using our order form on this website. We can also quote large projects that involve custom profiles not displayed or listed in our brochure. Likewise, we may add a particular profile for a new customer who uses it regularly in their line of cabinetry. Please call for details concerning new patterns.

Payment Methods

We require new customers to pay COD on their first order. Open Accounts will be granted upon credit approval. To apply for a free account, please call us, and we will fax you a credit application.

After completing the application, return it to us via fax or mail. Upon approval, open accounts will be Net 30 days. Please allow up to two weeks to process your application.

Invoices will generally be mailed to you within two days upon receipt of your order. Net 30 payment terms begin the day your order is shipped. Monthly statements can be supplied upon request.

Credit cards accepted:
MasterCard Visa American Express Discover


Shrink Wrapped: There is no charge for shrink wrapping. Shrink-wrapped is recommended if you pick-up your doors (Will Call) and do not require boxes. Doors will be grouped by size and will be shrink-wrapped together in easily manageable bundles.

Boxed: Standard size doors will be bubble wrapped in boxes with protected corners. Doors over 48″ in height and wainscot panels will be bubble wrapped in custom made boxes or crates. This method is used when orders are shipped. Add .75¢ per square foot for packaging charges.

Palletized: Standard size doors will be shrink-wrapped together in like sizes and stacked on a 40″ x 48″ pallet.
The shrink-wrapped doors are stacked and layered between sheets of cardboard. The entire pallet is then wrapped with cardboard, strapped and shrink wrapped. Add .50¢ per square foot for packaging charges.

Crated: Oversized doors and large wainscot panels will be shipped in custom-built crates. Add $65.00 per crate.


Innovations Custom Doors, Inc. warrants our products to be sold and packaged free from defects at the time of shipment. Furthermore, we warrant our products for one year from the date of shipment and will cover only the replacement of the defective product and any shipping costs to and from our factory. The warranty will cover only replacements provided by Innovations Custom Doors, Inc. All products are made of natural wood and may have some amounts of natural characteristics showing. This warranty does not cover damage done to our products due to improper handling, cleaning, extended storage, improper surface preparation, or finishing that may have been prevented by the customer.

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